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UPDATE: MSLAW is introducing a new Hybrid Class schedule for all 1Ls. Students will be in the classroom on Monday and Wednesday for live instruction. Friday's classes will meet online. Our already flexible schedule just got even more flexible!

As a lawyer, you will have the power to change lives. As a MSLAW lawyer, you will change them for the better-whether you advocate for social justice, serve in the courts or legislature, or provide counsel to corporations.

Massachusetts School of Law gives you opportunities to start making an impact from day one. You will:

  • Analyze problems and courses of action, whether in business settings, legal settings, or elsewhere.
  • Use relevant social, political, economic and other "non-legal" facts and doctrines relevant to presenting or solving legal questions.
  • Speak articulately: in courtrooms, in meetings, at hearings, and to opponents.
  • Interview and counsel clients
  • Be sensitive to the needs, desires, and financial abilities of clients.
  • Plan legal courses of action for individuals, families and businesses.
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to the ethical and moral problems that arise continually in law practice.
  • Behave professionally including acting with appropriate civility, politeness and promptness.

The Massachusetts School of Law Experience:

  • No LSAT: Massachusetts School of Law does not consider the LSAT when making admissions decisions./li>
  • Flexible scheduling: Daytime and evening options for both part-time and full-time programs
  • Professional development: A wide range of services, resources, and support to assist students identify a career path that meets your goals intellectually, financially, and emotionally
  • Excellent faculty: MSLAW professors have extensive practice experience and instill the professional skills needed upon graduation
  • Affordable tuition: Massachusetts School of law has the most affordable tuition of all law schools in the New England area

Pursue Your Passion.

Fill out the form above to find out how Massachusetts School of Law
can help you succeed!

We Are The Most Affordable in NE!

The Massachusetts School of Law is the most affordable of all the New England law schools. Our affordable tuition combined with our professional skill training throughout the curriculum allows our students to pursue rewarding job opportunities that students from other law schools (plagued with overwhelming debt) cannot.

So, what is the real cost of law school? What does it cost to service the debt if you borrow all the tuition? Here are a few examples of what that debt service would look like from a sampling of schools across Massachusetts:

Law School
Monthly Payment
(10 years at current rate of 6.8%)
Massachusetts School of Law, Andover
Western New England
New England School of Law

Calculations done by using the Federal Government's student loan website using 2017-2018 tuition data:

Pursue Your Passion.

Fill out the form above to find out how Massachusetts School of Law
can help you succeed!